Trust me, I’m a real estate agent

The need to sell my mother’s home has forced me to become a player in the real estate market. For years I’ve maintained a look of mild interest whenever property talk came up, and though I was always intrigued really I thought “this isn’t relevant to me”. 

Now that I’m actively involved in selling a house on the Central Coast (these days part of Sydney’s commuter belt), I’m almost overwhelmed with how many things there are to do. Maintaining gardens, checking the guttering, de-cluttering 20 years of accumulation, removing cobwebs… I’m even starting to watch home renovation shows to get some ideas!

It’s finally time to talk to real estate agents about the key issue: price. Over the past 11 years in my job I have learnt the art of buying and selling, and my bullshit detector is very finely tuned. So I am pleased and relieved that the agent Mum had been in contact with in recent years is a genuine guy who is willing and able to give his honest opinion up front. Yes such people do exist, even in real estate (though I think they’re a rare breed). I’ve been doing my own research into the area, and based on that I’m confident he will be able to do well for us.

Unless I can sell it myself, of course! Can I interest you in a very tidy and spacious three-bedroom house in beautiful Saratoga, with two bathrooms, large covered rear deck, views, and huge downstairs garage? Located on a quiet sought-after street and only a short walk to shops and the waterfront, this would be perfect for a young family and is priced to sell fast. Don’t delay, call today!

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