All systems go!

I really didn’t intend to move so quickly.

All I wanted when the agent came around was a proper valuation, and his thoughts on the best way to go to market with Mum’s house. I expected to be ready to list it – possibly – in early November, so there was no need to rush. However after a long chat with him and others, I decided that selling by auction was the best way to go. And due to the peculiarity in that area where auctions are only held once a month, my options were either mid-November or mid-February. I expect that the turmoil in the world economy will only have a negative effect on house prices next year, so selling sooner rather than later is the logical course of action. Hence, the house will be auctioned on November 16th.

That means that the 3-4 weeks I thought I’d have to finish tidying up the place has been condensed into just six days. So this week has been busy busy busy organising everything at the last minute. But it’s all gone very well, to be honest. The contract is drafted, cleaners and painters have been commissioned for minor touch-ups that I don’t have time to do myself, a giant skip bin was delivered today and a working bee has been organised for Sunday to help fill it. Photos were taken today, and I approve the final advertising on Monday morning. Then it’s open to all comers, and fingers crossed!

Everything else has been pushed aside this week because of the importance of selling, but I’ve still found time to do my day job and follow up a few other loose ends (including writing this blog!). And I’ve finally got back into running in a more serious way, which is good because proper training for the Six Foot Track Marathon begins in only six weeks…

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