The Galapagos Islands Thursday 4 October 2012 Isla North Seymour

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Nothing could compare to the magnificence of my favourite day on Espanola, but I did feel that North Seymour Island was a fitting end to what had been a mind-blowingly brilliant week of my life. That morning we were yet again treated to a new and wonderful spectacle: that of the male frigate birds doing their magnificent red breasted display for the ladies. I had of course seen these birds (sans puffed up neck) the very first day, and also from afar as they sat on another boat in the bay at Santa Cruz Island. But being able to watch up close and hear these birds as they blew up their necks into massive bright red balloons was really cool. The rest of the island was just a very pleasant stroll through some of the creatures we had all grown to love over the last few days – blue footed boobies, land iguanas and of course the ever gorgeous sea lions and their pups. A perfect finish to a perfect week.

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