I know the hyperbole with diminish quickly, but it’s impossible to deny we are living through an historic moment.

obamaThe collective sigh of relief around the world – and indeed within America itself – is undeniable. Though the financial crisis still has to run its worst, though there is a looming confrontation with Iran, and though conflict rages in far too many corners of the globe, the election of Barack Obama as the next President of the United States gives us hope that the future will be better, not worse. 

This is a day to remember.

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Panicked about Palin

It’s with some glee that I watch the contortions of Republicans as they limp along with Sarah Palin for VP. I thought she would backfire on McCain at some point, but I had no idea how spectacularly she would burn out. That some are calling for her to resign only five weeks from the election shows how worried the Republicans are…

The key strategic blunder that McCain made in choosing Palin is that it focuses attention back on the old guy’s age. Yes she was youngish, pretty and female – all good “modern” things to counter the Obama onslaught – but she’s only had limited experience running the most remote state in the Union. Is that enough to justify her running the country?

It’s a critical question: if McCain died for any reason (and here’s where his 72 years is a factor) then Sarah Palin would become President of the United States. 

Hands up who’s not terrified by that prospect?

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