The Galapagos Islands Tuesday 2 October 2012 Isla Santiago: Puerto Egas AM – Playa Espumilla/ Caleta Bucanero PM

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Today we commenced our time on Santiago Island by walking along the coast to a point where it is possible to see seals. There were the usual supply of iguanas, Sally Lightfoot crabs along the way as well as sea lions and turtles in the water. But for whatever reason it did not seem to wow me quite as much as previous days, and I do recall thinking that I was glad that we had been here for the first half of the trip as the new people had missed out on some rather spectacular days. Nonetheless, despite my blasé attitude that morning we were treated to a seal sighting. One lone seal but it was good just the same.

In the afternoon there was more snorkelling to be had and I was lucky to see lots of interesting creatures – turtles, sea lions, sharks and sting rays. I had bought a disposable underwater camera on Santa Cruz the day before so I was happy to be able to take some shots of my own. It was a little frustrating for me to have seen so many amazing aquatic sights at close quarters the past few days and not be able to capture the memories for posterity. I have yet to get the photos developed so I have no idea if they are crap or not! However, we were with a great group of people on this tour and we have all exchanged details so we can share photos, so I can at least keep some snaps from the others for myself.

In the afternoon our captain, Augustin, let our boat slowly cruise past some impressive island coastline. We were advised that two of the rock formations were “The Bishop” and “The Elephant” with a little bit of imagination you could see how they came to acquire these names.

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