Kristen’s video diary 24 April 2012

Now in Phuket.

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5 thoughts on “Kristen’s video diary 24 April 2012

  1. Adam

    Hi Kris. Best wishes for the hospital visit. In the 24 hours since your previous post, you sound a lot brighter which is great. Tell Damien to not complain about washing and combing your hair. We (well Sally if I’m being truthful!) had to take care of a case of nits with the kids on the w/e! So remember Damo – there’s always someone worse of! Take care from all of us. Adz

  2. Kristen

    Hi Ads,

    Thanks I’m back from the hospital, and all is good 🙂

    Man, if I had nits I reckon Damo would get out the clippers and shave me himself!! Today he progressed to a side part, so my hairdos are improving as well 🙂

    Say hi to Sal and the kids, love Kris

  3. BEC

    Great to hear your voice and see you looking so good Kris. Hope the test results are all good – look forward to hearing! Lots of love xo

    • Kristen

      Hey Leer,

      Thanks for your message. It’s really great to see your name and words popping up on our blog. I have been to the hospital and everything is fine. I feel particularly good today and we spied a shop that sells vino so we stopped on the way back and have had a celebratory drink to my confirmed good health!
      I hope all is well with you and enjoy your day off tomorrow!

      love Kris

  4. BEC

    Thanks Kris – all good here! Managed to talk the kids out of the dawn service (maybe next year!) and have big plans to pull apart the front garden tomorrow so will most likely be looking for a relaxing vino tomorrow night to ease the muscle pain. Enjoy your well deserved celebration!

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