Millennium city

I just got off the phone to my Mum and Dad and Mum said she was disappointed that we haven’t posted for a while so I have stopped slothing around watching very bad music videos on MTV to make a post.

We had a great last night in Oslo. After finishing our bottle of Shiraz we were keen for some company so we strolled across the park from where we were staying to the Park Theatre Bar. It was a funky little establishment and we were lucky to score a table. Even luckier as it turned out that we had two spare seats opposite us which ended up a real bonus as throughout the night we met a series of really interesting peeps who asked if they could sit with us. The first two were a Norwegian guy and German girl who had met in Thailand on a holiday and were meeting up again for the first time in Oslo. We really hit it off. They invited us to join them at a house party they were going to and we felt quite disappointed that we had to say no, ’cause we thought it would be prudent not to get involved in late night drinking when we had to leave for Sweden the next day. There was a brief interlude of three other Norwegian guys but as they were one seat down, they eventually moved on. The end of our night was then spent with an Aussie expat who has been living and working in Norway for ten years and his German colleague. They were geologists from Statoil and we thoroughly enjoyed their entertaining and intelligent conversation.

We arrived in Stockholm via train from Oslo and stayed at the Sheraton for the night as it was right near the station and we weren’t in the mood for traipsing around town like pack horses to find a bed to crash in. I think old Hermes might have had a hand in that decision, as it just so happened that the Sheraton is where Harriet Vanger stayed when she came to Stockholm. For those not familiar with Harriet, she is a character in the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson.

It also just so happens that the Sheraton has a booklet that provides a walking guide (mostly through Sodermalm) of all the key places that are mentioned in the books. Damien and I are fans of Larsson and so this appealed immensely. Damien has just finished reading, ‘Stieg and Me’ by Eva Gabrielsson, that my parents gave us for Christmas. I am in the final stages of the last book in the trilogy. I think it is a testament to how great his books are that I have had to share this third one with both my Mum and Damien as we all have wanted to read it at the same time! I handed it over to Mum when she went on a cruise around NZ but retrieved it so I could finish it in Scandanavia. She has since got her hands on another copy so she can finish it, but now I am having to share it with Damien as he has started reading it again when I have put it down! Anyway, I will finish it today for sure 🙂

We started our walking trip with a tasty feed of sushi at Jappi Sushi & Wok. I was very pleased with this outcome as I have been eyeing off Sushi joints in Norway but they were too expensive there, so it was great to indulge in Sweden! Jappi is on Drottingatan which is the Pitt Street mall of Stockholm…though much prettier in my opinion. We then walked through the Old Town, Gamla Stan which I am looking forward to exploring in greater detail today.

The Millenium walk kicked off in Slussen and then we strolled past the building where Milton Security was located in the book. Next stop was Lisbeth Salander’s very expensive apartment on Fiskargatan 9. Apparently the apartment is 350 square meters and has 21 rooms! I took a picture of ‘her’ view of Stockholm from the front of the apartments. We went past a number of other locations from the books and finished up outside Bellmansgatan 1 which is the home address of Mikael Blomvist in the book. It was late afternoon then so my picture is not the best, but at least you can get a feel for what it looks like. We completed our Millenium tour with a coffee at Kaffebar on Hornsgatan, which is frequented by Blomvist and Berger in the books. Apparently this was in reality Stieg Larsson’s favourite coffee shop.

We did consider Stieg-ing it right up and going out to see the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo that night but it was on really late and we didn’t relish a 15-20 min walk home after midnight in -4 degrees so we took the soft option and stayed indoors!

Damien is currently reading the last book as I type and he just had to stop me to read a paragraph that details where Blomvist drove through a section of Soder and parked his car outside the Bishop Arms near Bellmansgatan 1…he was stoked as he could picture it! Yes indeed!

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6 thoughts on “Millennium city

  1. Adam

    I know an Aussie geologist whose been in Oslo for 10 or so years! – was his name Ian? Anyway, loving your stories. I have so many of own good memories of Scandinavia although I was there in summer. Gamla Stan and Stockhholm in general are so beautiful. The vasa Museum is also quite interesting. Anyway, look forward to more traveling tales.

  2. Kristen

    There must be a couple of them then as the guy we met was Mark.
    I would love to see Stockholm in summer, I think it would be beautiful with leaves on the trees! Though enjoying it just the same. However, I’ve had a few idle daydreams about warm weather.
    We just got back from visiting the Vasa Museum. That was amazing. I was totally unprepared for the size of the ship, the craftsmanship and how well preserved it was! Best museum I’ve been to in a while!

  3. Emma

    Hey Kristen
    Love the sound of the Millenium tour! I read the books last year so to see these pics taken by someone I know feels a bit ‘six degrees of seperation…’ looks so pretty too. Looks like by the end of this trip you will have taken enough fabulous pictures to make your own coffee book xoxo

  4. BEC

    Love that you guys are millennium nerds too. Waz and I had sharing issues with those books recently! Great pics xo

  5. Kristen

    Hey Emma!

    That is a great idea about the coffee book cause let’s face it how often do you look at your photos once they are uploaded to your computer?

    My Mum and Dad had a book of some of their photos done just like you mentioned and I thought at the time it would be nice to do the same. Glad you reminded me!

    Did you get the travel comp I emailed you the other day? I thought you’d appreciate it after our email chat a week or so ago.

  6. Kristen

    Hey Bec!

    Yes, they are such great books!! I feel a little sense of loss now that I have finished ha ha!

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