A man and a woman, a dog and two cats.

This afternoon we are leaving Helsinki to fly to Oslo, Norway. I am excited to be inching closer to those Northern Lights! However, this evening will be my first real taste of being out of my comfort zone…or maybe not, it remains to be seen!

The reason is that we will be living in the home of a Norwegian couple who live about an hour out of Oslo for the next three nights. They are in their 5o’s and have a dog and two cats…and that’s about all I know! How did this come about, I hear you ask? Well, I joined Globalfreeloaders when we were still living in Cronulla and although we didn’t get anyone interested in coming to stay with us we planned to use this site once we got o/s. Although we sent requests to people in Finland, it has been the Norwegians who have answered the call. We will also be staying with another woman and her daughter in their small unit in Oslo on our return from Tromso, where we hope to see the Aurora Borealis.

I am hopeful that this will prove to be a memorable part of our Scandanavian adventure (for all the right reasons of course!). I truely believe that it is getting to know the locals and how they live their lives that adds a depth of understanding to anytime spent in a foreign place. If you don’t talk to the locals you can only view their lives through your own lens. I have vivid memories of times like this when I stayed with a local Hill Tribe village in Northern Thailand or the nine hour boat ride to Battambang in Cambodia where Damien and talked literally for hours to a young guy who gave us insight into life under the Khmer Rouge. The interesting thing about the Hill Tribe village stay was that I spent a night hanging out with these people and we all laughed and genuinely had a wonderful night together despite that most of our conversation was through body language and smiles.

Here’s to the next leg of the adventure and the surprises it will bring!

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2 thoughts on “A man and a woman, a dog and two cats.

  1. malaka haca

    Hi Kristen, thinking of you always and loving the running comentary. What an awesome experience to stay with random people I’m sure it will be.special and memorable. Xx

    • Kristen

      I hope so Tarsh! If you haven’t heard from us in a few days, call the cops ha ha!

      I loved that pic you posted of the girls hugging each other on Valentine’s day…so cute!

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