Happy Birthday to me!

Thanks for the all the birthday wishes guys, there were lots of them this year which is great πŸ˜€

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I’ve been taking it rather easy. After a couple of lazy days in the riverside town of Kratie then a night in Kompong Cham, I’ve been in Phnom Penh since Thursday. Kristen arrived on Saturday so the two of us have been sightseeing our way around this great city, will do a more detailed post soon.

We’re currently sitting in a cafe having a late breakfast, soon it’s off to the bus station to catch a bus to Siem Riep and the famous temple complex of Angkor Wat. Yep, it’s still a hard life!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. spn

    go to the foreign correspondents bar

  2. spn

    then have a quiet tiger at the hearts of darkness

  3. Sue

    Going on a boat up the river to Siem Reap is also a very lovely way to get there – bit less bumpy than the bus!

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