A place called home

Last night I slept in my own apartment for the first time. It felt great. Already life here is working out better than I could have dreamed:

– the move went smoothly, though it was a very long day on Sunday (8am-1am)
– my furniture fits in perfectly, making the place more spacious than I expected
– all the neighbours are very friendly, and I already know half their names. We went nine months in Searl Road and I only met one neighbour – once – when I had an issue with the fusebox
– having a train station on your doorstep really is a godsend when you live so far from civilisation
– it is very quiet at night: almost no road noise and the trains just whisper past
– internally there is little noise either, the walls are nice and solid
– the village around the corner has everything you might need
– the shower is hot and strong

All up it’s close to perfect for me. If only I was hanging around a bit longer to enjoy it before going travelling!

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2 thoughts on “A place called home

  1. Kristen

    Hmmm Damien, I note in point four you mention the distance from ‘civilisation’…you wouldn’t be inferring that we Shire people are an uncouth bunch would you??? πŸ˜‰

  2. damienmaurice

    Yes. Yes I am. You’re all Hobbits πŸ˜›

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