Weekend in Melbourne

After the happy finding of MoVida and checking into my hotel, it’s been a wonderfully social weekend.

I went to East Brunswick to see Katie and Luke’s nice new digs and then we all went out for an early evening meal at a local Lebanese restaurant (I didn’t eat much).

Then to North Melbourne to see a Fringe Festival show with Kate and her friend Briar. How to be a lady is a clever one-person show of physical comedy, the herione of the story waking up incredibly hungover and then leading us through the trials of “normal” life before arriving at a personal epiphany. It contains the best puppet show involving a dildo and a toilet brush that you will ever see…

Kate and I retired to a nearby bar for a long overdue catchup, I outlined my upcoming travel plans and she talked about a possible trip to South America over Christmas, amongst other things. As she had to work the next morning we parted before midnight and I retired not long after.

Sunday morning saw Katie (no, not Kate) and I meet up again at Federation Square where we watched a very skilled street performer do his stuff, then we headed off for lunch. I was in the mood to return to MoVida but it was closed for a private function (d’oh!), so after a few false attempts we ended up having great food at a sushi-train style Japanese restaurant on Swanston St.

Katie went to work so I decided to re-visit the magnificent State Library of Victoria which she had introduced me to on a previous visit. This stately building is marvellously peaceful, and at its heart is a five-storey high reading room with a vaulted dome skylight illuminating all. Finding a seat I settled down for an hour or so’s research into my upcoming trip to South East Asia, the stillness of the room helping my focus immensely. No wonder it’s a popular venue for uni students to go for study.

Then back to the airport for some computer time, where I am currently sitting waiting for my flight. Bad weather between here and Sydney is causing some flight delays, but hopefully I won’t get home too late tonight…

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