LAN love

I think I have a new favourite airline. I’ve never flown Emirates and I haven’t flown Singapore Airlines for many years, so flying LAN to Chile has rocketed the South American giant to the top of my list of favourite airlines.

Qantas is fine and the benefits of being in Qantas Club are most appreciated, especially the quick check-in, lounge access and preferential seating treatment. But as LAN belongs to the same alliance as Qantas most of the benefits transfer over and, frankly, it is a much nicer experience with LAN than Qantas…

The seats are further apart, the food is better, the entertainment system is out of this world good (think 400+ CDs on demand plus more than 50 movies, most of them very well-chosen, and fast to access) with a decent-sized screen to watch. Service is efficiently friendly without being servile.

All in all the 16 hours passed very easily, so we arrived in Santiago quite well rested for the adventures to come…

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