In triathlon the term “transition” is used to describe moving from one discipline to another, ie. from swimming to the bike or from the bike to the run. The transition can take a few minutes depending on how practised you are, but it is still included in your time at the end of the race.

I’ve been going through a far tougher transition this week: from couch-bound booze hound to someone capable of finishing the New York marathon three months from now. And surprisingly it’s gone much more smoothly than expected… I’ve made numerous attempts over the past six months to get back into running, but for a range of reasons I haven’t stuck to it. There was always more time, so why hurry? But this week it all magically clicked into place: I’ve done 45kms in five runs over the past five days, including a nice 15km this morning, my legs are not hurting (much) and I feel focussed for the first time in months. Not bad for my first week of serious running in 12 months!

The short-term cost is that I’ve been TIRED all week, and going to bed by 8.30pm each night has meant zero social life. But I’ll be better for the rest, and most of my friends have been working/busy so it was a good time to get stuck in. Today will be a nice day of cooking, watching the Top Gear Vietnam special, learning a bit of Spanish, a few hours work, then possibly catching up with James this afternoon before another early night.

NY marathon is exactly 13 weeks away!!

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