I’m sooo glad I delayed my departure for three days. I have no idea how I would have finished everything up in time otherwise, as it’s been uber-hectic since Thursday.

The working year finished on Thursday, topped off  by a great dinner with James and Andrew at Seabay restaurant on Pitt St. Amazingly good dumplings – gently chewy, sweet dough with superb flavour – and good salads washed down with some fine wine and conversation. A top night and a place worth returning to, though jellyfish though is something I won’t try again in a hurry…

All three major projects are finally completed:

Work – the move went relatively smoothly, some hiccups as you’d expect but all the key stuff got done on time. The office looks fantastic and I know it’ll be a great place to return to when fully refreshed next month. 

Mum’s house – completely empty and ready for handover. An immense amount of work, done mostly on weekends, to get to this point. But it’s going to a lovely young family, and it’s great to get my life back and have time to think about the events of this year without distraction.

Exit from The Rocks – done in quick-time over the weekend with help from Mai, Tim, James and a ute. I am officially Homeless! The end of an era, but also the beginning of a new one 😀


With all the hard stuff now out of the way, it’s time to relax and realise that by this time tomorrow I’ll be in Shanghai!!!

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5 thoughts on “3,2,1…

  1. Sue

    Have a great time Damien – I hope you get some time to think and reflect. Will look forward to reading about your adventures in China.

  2. Damo has arrived safe and sound. Cold at night. Lovely in the daytime. Sounding nice and relaxed.

  3. Karen B

    Hello from sunny Welly. Hope you had a good trip over and arrived not to tired. Good to hear that you are relaxing. Cheers.

  4. Hello Damo,

    Don’t forget to visit Mr Yang’s Propaganda Poster Art Museum (google it) its slightly west of the French quarter on 868 Huashan Lu (flower mountain street) in the basement of an apartment block (+86 21 62701018) Remind Mr Yang that you saw him is Sydney and he just might take you to lunch!

  5. Also… if you are wandering around Peoples Park, the Shanghai Museum is well worth a visit. I spent a full day exploring the various exhibits (you may find the ‘minority group’ displays on the top floor interesting) and found it provided me with a fabulous ‘historical framework’ on which to build my own adventures

    XX Kate

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