friday night

It’s been another night successfully avoiding Chinese study. I don’t know why, as I really want to learn, but I just wasn’t in the mood this evening.

At least I spent the night productively. I finally got around to blogging again and resumed my love/hate relationship with Facebook, I researched second-hand furniture prices on Trading Post and eBay in preparation for the garage sale, I chose a new super fund, I signed up for regular donations to Medecins San Frontieres, I read the fine print of my travel insurance and I updated my “where to find the money if I die” list. Note to all: I’m certainly not intending to cark it anytime soon!

But as Mum’s estate is far from finalised, things could get very messy for my executor if they don’t know where to look for stuff. And it’s amazing what you can learn in the process. For example, under my travel insurance policy if I were to go while travelling on a plane/train/bus/ferry/taxi then the payout is a whopping $250,000. It’s quite annoying to know that I could be worth a lot more dead than alive… best not to think about it, eh?

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