“would you like cholera with that?”

“Yes. Yes I would.”

I’ve never gotten vaccinated before travelling in the past, because I’ve only ever visited developed western countries. Now that China is barely a month away, I’ve gone the pin-cushion route to travel safety: “just jab me with everything ya got.”

That meant three injections today, covering me for Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis and Polio. And two cupfuls of drink for the above-mentioned Cholera. But in true Demtel fashion, there’s more to come: in a month’s time I’ll get a second jab for Hep A and B, and Meningitus too if it’s back in stock.

Next year promises more fun: round three of the Hep cycle (but after that I’ll be vaccinated for 20 years), plus Rabies and some of the choice mosquito-borne nasties such as Japanese B Encephalitis. Expensive overall, but I choose to believe the hype (“it’s the best travel insurance you’ll ever get!”)

Apart from that, it’s been a very busy day:

  • I went for my first run in over two weeks, a 9km jaunt around the Quay before breakfast;
  • I went to work for three hours until midday;
  • I obtained from the Supreme Court the second-last piece of paper needed to become Irish;
  • I tried to lodged it with the Consulate, but they had closed for the Melbourne Cup;
  • I reserved storage space in Kirrawee, in preparation for my impending departure from The Rocks;
  • I placed a (losing) bet on the Melbourne Cup;
  • I picked up my car from the mechanics. They say it’s safe now, but I’m still going to check it constantly with my new CO monitor.
  • I went to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages and picked up the last piece of paper I need for my Irish-ness. Woo hoo!
  • I signed up for intensive one-on-one Mandarin lessons, which start tomorrow.

I’m having a quiet night tonight.

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2 thoughts on ““would you like cholera with that?”

  1. So, not much happening then.

    Now that I’ve read all that, I’m going for a lie down. I’m pooped.

  2. damienmaurice

    hehehe… I sure did sleep well last night.

    But no time to rest now – there’s a victory to celebrate!!

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